NE Solutions - Backups Explained

Backup? DR? BDR? Explained in nice simple language..

Backup. We all know we should do it.. but how often? And when? Where should it be stored?

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight. Backup is NOT for when you accidentally delete a file. Don’t worry, that often happens! If you re using Windows server your IT team should be able to get the file back in under 5 mins.. if not? Get a new IT team! ( hint: that’s us)

Here’s a mental picture to help decide when and where to backup. Imagine your building burns down. Horrific thought, I know, but that’s when backups are important! So.. if you re backing up to a tape or external drive, and its left plugged in next to the server – well you may as well never have backed it up!

Your backup MUST be tested, regularly. Ideally monthly, worst case once a quarter. If you don’t know when you last tested your backup, then we can do that for you for a fixed fee.

Your backup MUST be off site. Now many businesses use tape, and it’s taken home each night which is a better bet. But now you want to go out straight from work – so your confidential company data is now lying in a car in town overnight.. not the ideal solution!

Online backups are the best, assuming your internet connection is fast enough.. they happen every night, so you can’t forget. The data is encrypted before it leaves your building, so no one else can see your data. (Not even us!)

Disaster recovery (DR) is getting things back up and running (after the fire brigade have finished putting the flames out.) Granted, you may think you have better things to worry about with your building being on fire – but you need to know two important things:

Who owes you money? and Who do you need to service or supply?... With traditional tapes, you re looking at about 4 days, (on average) to be able to answer these questions.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery service (BDR) is quicker to get you answers. Much quicker. Like about 4 hours.

We do an online backup every night, we then convert that backup to a virtual machine start the machine up and send you a screenshot of it running. So you KNOW. Your data is safe! How’s that for peace of mind.

If you are unfortunate enough ever to need our DR system, then we can have your staff logging in from home quickly and easily. If you have our hosted phone system too, well that’s just the icing on the cake and your staff can take calls from home too!

So talk to us NOW about how we can help you sleep better at nights, knowing your data is safe and secure, locked up tightly in our cosy little datacentre.. (preferably BEFORE you need it)