NE Solutions - Device Encryption Services

Avoid the risk of unauthorised data access with our secure device encryption solutions.

Hard disc encryption is the safest way of securing and protecting your valuable data and keeping in line with guidelines via GDPR, you will also be protecting clients, customers, prospects even employees’ contact information.

Is your company complying with data security obligations? GDPR as the prime example.

If not, then N.E. Solutions Ltd can offer safe and secure device encryption that will help you to overcome this obstacle, an obstacle that could financially damage your business or worse, it could bring it to its knees.

Data is the most important asset to a business, peoples contact information such as, clients, customers, prospects, even employees’ details, they are all sort after by the bad guy.

Don't let it get in the wrong hands. See what our device encryption can do for you, as it has for over 135 million users worldwide:

- Full Disk Encryption (Protects data stored on PC's, Laptops and mobile devices)

- File, Folder and Email Encryption (Enables security when working with other other businesses)

- Centrally Managed (Let us worry about the status of the encryption with our centrally managed server)

- Easy and Quick Installation (Devices can be encrypted in a very short amount of time, giving you more time to be productive)

If you’re based in Durham, Sunderland, South Shields, North Shields, Wallsend, Wylam, Hexham, Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne or any of the surrounding areas or villages, please feel free to contact us today!