NE Solutions - Email Messaging and Archiving

How much more productive would you be with bullet-proof email security and availability?

Switch on our Email Messaging and Archiving system for peace of mind! Our Email Messaging and Archiving Solutions are the answer. Our friendly support team are available when you need them via web, email, or phone.

Absolutely State of the Art Security Filtering

- Policy based spam, virus, malware, content and attachment filtering.

- Disaster Recovery option for mail spooling for 5 days with notification.

- Incredibly high 99.7% spam capture rate

- Daily spam digest to catch sneaky ones out.

Message Continuity across all your email accounts

- Last 30 days of full featured web-mail access in the event your server is unavailable.

- Once your server is restored, messages are delivered and the status of read, unread, deleted, and sent are maintained.

Message Archiving and Compliance

- Quickly deployed hosted solution to fully meet the compliance standards needed for the UK Legal and Accountancy professions.

Easy Quick Administration

- No software or hardware to install.

- Spam Quarantine Digest emails allow end users to manage their own spam with one click release.

- Powerful yet simple web console with role-based permissions.