NE Solutions - Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service is a modern, flexible way to move your IT costs from your Balance Sheet to your Profit & Loss

Pay a low monthly tax friendly rental, instead of huge lump sums when you acquire new equipment. We offer a Flat Monthly Fee in our Hardware as a Service right here in Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham and Hexham.

Traditionally, when you buy a new PC or Printer, its carried on your accounts as an Asset on the Balance sheet. However, this doesn’t then attract the best tax breaks!

With our Hardware as a Service option, we provide you with Hardware : PC’s / Laptops / Tablets / Printers etc and associated Software all for a small fixed monthly fee. Also included is full warranty and support, and we automatically renew PC’s after 3 years.

Let us bring predictability to your costs as well as helping your revenue and profits.