NE Solutions - High Speed Internet Services

High Speed Internet Services are here to stay! The days of slow Internet are banished for good.

Every business can now benefit from Fast Internet Services – with many government services now REQUIRING online access.

ADSL2 is the common method of accessing the internet these days – but you’ve probably heard of Fibre broadband. This works over the same physical cable as normal broadband, but lets you send and receive data significantly faster.

This Faster Internet means online banking is quicker, Emails send and receive faster, and your machine generally becomes more productive!

It’s Time to step up a gear with our High Speed Internet Services in Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham and Hexham.

We can probably get you a better deal on your internet access, AND potentially a speed boost too!

With our Managed High Speed Internet service, we monitor the line continuously and let you know if theres a problem – and liaise with the provider to get it fixed for you too!

We can conduct a free broadband analysis let you know what options are available at your location. Perhaps now is the ideal time to review your entire businesses data and voice tarrifs, save some money at the same time.