NE Solutions - Hosted Email Services

Our Hosted Email Services take the headache out of running your email mailbox

Our Hosted Email Services in Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham and Hexham are the answer.

How much time do you spend dealing with size limits, horrible SPAM and malware on a daily basis in your own inbox? have you thought about what the real monthly cost of lost productivity – especially if you were you to multiply that by the number of staff you have?

Are your on site and off site staff’s e-mail difficulties affecting productivity and profits?

Our Hosted Email Services offer:

- Email filtering to remove virus, spam and phishing threats long before they reach your inbox

- Always On Email – available with an up time guarantee

- Fully secure storage in Microsoft’s large data centres

- Improve communications and collaboration between both staff and clients

- Deploy accounts rapidly on demand, with NO up-front capital costs

We eliminate messaging risks before they reach your network, and reduce e-mail costs and complexity.

The business world is changing, and our service removes the large capital investments usually required to protect and maintain secure communications between both your staff and your clients.

We provide you the opportunity to use our expertise and technology to receive the same benefits that large enterprise businesses use to communicate – without the enterprise cost.