NE Solutions - Samba POS

Our POS software is the command centre for your business.

Choose Samba Pos for fully a customizable experience for your business. Fine tune it just for you

With great reporting capabilities and real time data you will be able to have the most important data at your finger tips.

Seamless integration with payment solutions so your customer experience is second to none when coming to pay.

A more portable type of POS

Don't have your staff tethered to one location, Samba POS offers the ability for payments/orders to be taken from a mobile device!

Create floor plans and be organised, upload your floor plan so your staff have clear visuals and can better direct customers.

With multiple currency support you wont waste time converting as Samba POS automatically converts it for you!

Get in contact today to discuss how NE Solutions can use Samba POS can help your business grow!