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Thinking about a new Phone System? Let us introduce you to VoIP

Phones, every business needs them, most businesses need more than one! Few businesses bother to change from BT for lines and calls - but there is a better way.

With BT announcing the end of traditional ISDN lines is just 5 years away, you should be thinking right now about moving to newer technology that really allows working from anywhere. This brings benefits to employee productivity, and savings (usually) to your bottom line.

Handsets can be added to your ‘system’ from anywhere with a good internet connection!

Reps working from home can have a handset there so they become part of the office network - staff can transfer calls to them as though they’re sitting next door. And you get detailed reports.

Our Hosted Telephony service is the answer to your communication worries, if your in the Durham, Hexham, Newcastle or surrounding areas feel free to contact us today!