NE Solutions - Why Should you use a managed IT service provider?
Why Should you use a managed IT service provider?

Why Should you use a managed IT service provider?

It’s a question I find myself answering every day and the truth is the answer is different for almost every business I speak to. Each business is in some way unique and will encounter completely different problems to another business. With that being the case I thought it would be interesting to share the main reasons we’re told by our clients they find our service necessary

1. IT costs were constantly increasing and difficult to predict.

Using a MSP means you can pass the responsibility of maintaining your businesses IT infrastructure to them. What’s more, a good MSP will be pro-actively monitoring your infrastructure meaning they see potential problems and fix them before they become real problems. Knowing everything is being taken care of brings peace of mind and working with a set monthly fee makes it much easier to budget for than a sudden unexpected and potentially expensive problem.

2. Complete flexibility.

Managed services can be easily scaled up to grow with your business or in more difficult times scaled back to prevent unnecessary expenditure.

3. Keeping staff productive.

Many businesses experience regular network issues where employees are unable to access essential systems to perform their duties. A good MSP minimises downtime so staff can spend more time doing what they do best making your business more efficient.

4. Difficulty finding and retaining quality IT staff.

Finding suitably qualified experienced staff isn’t easy. Once they’ve been found spending money training them with the risk of them leaving is a risk many SME’s can’t afford to take. Sickness is another risk as many businesses will have only 1 IT guy if they fall ill and there’s a problem where do you turn? A MSP can provide you with the best possible IT support without the outlay or risk attached when hiring new staff.

5. Allow IT staff to concentrate on the bigger picture

The opposite of the above statement many businesses will employ IT staff with specific skills to carry out large scale projects to benefit the business. In many cases there’s delays to these projects as the IT team spend too much of their time on the day to day management of the network. A MSP can work with the IT team to off load much of this day to day management allowing them to concentrate on your project meaning deadlines are achieved and everyone is happy.

6. Future Proofing

The IT world is changing on an almost daily basis. There are more threats to consider each day and hackers are constantly finding new ways to harm businesses. A good MSP will always be a step ahead ensuring your business is covered by market leading firewall and anti-virus software leaving you to rest easy knowing you don’t need to be constantly updating everything yourself.

7. One company to contact

A huge benefit of using a MSP is the time you save when there is a problem. Most businesses will be using several different software programmes, broadband and telephone providers. When there’s an issue it’s often difficult to identify what’s the cause and precious time is lost making many calls to resolve the issue. One call to your MSP and they can identify the issue and speak to the provider on your behalf to find a resolution.

8. Disaster Recovery

A worst case scenario for most businesses is hours, days or weeks without the ability to operate or a loss of data. A MSP can help provide a disaster recovery plan where data is backed up in a secure data centre and help have your business back up and running quickly remotely or in a secondary location with access to everything they would use on a day in the office.

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