NE Solutions - Zoho CRM

Build and control your pipeline with ZOHO CRM.

We are all aware that there are many CRM packages available. In our humble opinion ZOHO really does cover everything that other CRM packages do on a combined scale, we even eat our own dog food and ZOHO CRM is our chosen dish, having used ZOHO CRM for many years in-house before we became a ZOHO partner.

From our customers point of view, the feedback has been overwhelming. They find it very intuitive and really like the ability to tailor it as if it was a bespoke application just built for their business.

Here at NE Solutions our team are familiar with the ZOHO CRM framework as mentioned above utilising all the features to strive to allow other businesses to take advantage of this professional, must have tool.

One of the main reasons we selected ZOHO CRM as our in-house database is the fact that it is a robust, flexible and GDPR compliant application.

We also offer consultation, application development and full training for ZOHO CRM so you will not be left holding the baby.